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1.   Introduction

1.1 This disclaimer shall direct your usage of our website Paisa Info.


1.2 By utilising our website, you admit this disclaimer in whole; hence, if you have any disagreement with this disclaimer or any section of this disclaimer, you need to stop using our website.


1.3 Our site uses cookies; by practising our website or consenting to this disclaimer, you agree to our utilisation of cookies by the terms of our [privacy policy].




2.    Intellectual Property notice

2.1 Subject to the specific requirements of this disclaimer:


(a) We, collectively with our licensors, hold and regulate all the trademark and additional intellectual property claims in our website and the content on our site; and


(b) All the intellectual property rights and the content on our site are reserved.




3.   Licence to use website

3.1 You may:


(a) Access pages from our website in a web browser;


(b) download pages from the site for saving in a web browser; and


(c) print pages from the website,


   subjected to the separate requirements of this disclaimer.


3.2 Besides as expressly authorised by Section 4.1 or the other terms of this disclaimer, you must not download any element from our website or preserve any such content to your system.


3.3 You may solely use our website for [your personal and business objectives], and you need not use our website for any additional ideas.


3.4 Except you hold or command the appropriate rights in the body, you must not:


(a) republish element from our website 


(b) sell, rent or sub-license part from our website;


(c) display any content from our website in public;


(d) employ content from our site for a business idea; or


(e) redistribute element from our site.


3.5 We have the right to limit access to sections of our website, or indeed our complete website, at our discretion; you need not avoid or neglect or strive to avoid or negligence, any access limitation actions on our website.




4.   Limited warranties

4.1 We do not guarantee or describe:


(a) the completeness or correctness of the data advertised on our website;


(b) that the element on the site is updated; or


(c) that the site or any service on the website will continue to be available.


4.2 We hold the right to suspend or modify any or all of our website services, and to cease advertising our website, at any point in our individual choice without warning or cause; and save to the measure expressly presented contrarily in this disclaimer, you will not be authorised to any damages or extra payment upon the discontinuance or modification of any website services, or if we cease publishing the website.


4.3 To the highest amount allowed by the relevant authority and subject to Section 5.1, we eliminate all descriptions and guarantees relating to the subject matter of this disclaimer, our website and the use of our website.


5.   Limitations and exclusions of liability


5.1 Nothing in this disclaimer will:


(a) restrict or eliminate any responsibility for death or bodily injury occurring from carelessness;


(b) limit or exclude any responsibility for cheating or deceitful misstatement;


(c) restrain any responsibilities in any way that is not sanctioned applicable supporting regulation; or


(d) eliminate any responsibilities that may not be excluded below the relevant rule.


5.2 The boundaries and prohibitions of duty set out in this Section 5 and away in this disclaimer: 


(a) are subject to Section 5.1; and


(b) supervise all liabilities resulting under this disclaimer or associating to the subject body of this disclaimer, including obligations arising in agreement, in tort (including negligence) and for infringement of legal duty, besides to the measure expressly granted unless in this disclaimer.


5.3 To the extent that our website and the information and services on our website are provided free of charge, we will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature.


5.4 We will not be answerable to you concerning any damages resulting out of any situation or events exceeding our reasonable power.


5.5 We will not be answerable to you in regard of any enterprise damages, including (without restriction) damage of or loss to gains, income, revenue, use, production, predicted savings, business, agreements, marketing events or goodwill.


5.6 We will not be responsible to you concerning any damage or degradation of any data, database or software.


5.7 We will not be answerable to you in regard of any specific, indirect or considerable destruction or loss.


5.8 You admit that we have an interest in restricting the individual responsibility of our leaders and employees and, having value to that interest, you accept that we are a regulated responsibility entity; you acknowledge that you will not cause any claim personally fronting our officers or employees in honour of any damages you suffer in associate with the website or this disclaimer (this will not, of course, limit or exclude the responsibility of the restricted liability entity itself for the acts and wants of our officers and employees).



6.   Variation

6.1 We may update this disclaimer over time.


6.2 The updated disclaimer shall refer to the use of our website from the moment of revelation of the amended disclaimer on the site. 




7.   Severability


7.1 If a provision of this disclaimer is defined by any government or additional acceptable jurisdiction to be illegal or unenforceable, the other provisions will remain in force.


7.2 If any illicit or unenforceable terms of this disclaimer would be valid or enforceable if a portion of it were removed, that section will be considered to be destroyed, and the rest of the provision will remain in force.

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