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Online Savings Bank Account

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The little gadget that has become an essential part of our life is getting us everything at our comfort. We can shop our groceries online, book our travel online, order our food online, and much more then why go to a bank for opening a savings bank account. Banks today give easy and accessible platforms to open bank accounts with your mobile device and an active internet connection. It is an easy and quick way to open an account at your preferred time and location.

The applicant just needs to enter in the personal information like Aadhaar linked number, PAN etc. to validate the identity and then the bank verifies the application and allocates an account number in minutes. With this the applicant also gets virtual debit card and online banking credentials with most of the banks. The virtual debit card can mostly be used for online shopping.

With video verification at the last the bank also verifies your documents over a video call. Once the account is approved, online banking gives freedom to start transacting for your immediate requirements. With few simple steps you now have a savings bank account at your comfort in minutes.



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